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BarUrakbaev is a new independent artist in the music industry. While launching his career under the name BLAKE with his EP “WHAT YOU AFRAID OFF”. he releases a short period afterwards his single “Move On” that concludes his journey as BLAKE, stating: “I wanted to present myself as someone else and learn to be comfortable under my own skin” now performing under his original name these days Urakbaev working on his comeback
About BarUrakbaev
BarUrakbaev (Bahrom Urakbaev Jr) born April 19, 2004. is an American singer songwriter and record producer known for his debut album "WHAT YOU AFRAID OFF" that came out in April 2023
under the name BLAKE. in July 2023 Urakbaev started using his own name after releasing his single "Time" claiming in his words that "BLAKE" is his alter ego. a different identity he decided to create in order to learn and sharp his own musical identity as BarUrakbaev in order to create a unique sound that can relate only him.
"I Remember the moment I've got my first guitar... after learning the 7 basic chords I wrote a song a day everyday the moment I arrived home from school"
When Urakbaev was 14 he learned how to produce songs and started to collaborate with local musicians who asked for his services
until in April 2022 he turned 18 and decided he want to debut as an artist and abandon his local career. 
"I Always wrote songs but my parents encouraged me to find a singer who will wants to sing them in exchange for money. but I had a really good friends who told me: I think you should sing those songs, after all you wrote them and no one else"
These days Urakbaev working on his comeback improving his craft writing skills and sharpening his musical identity. now performing under his original name.

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